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This is just one example. And, I am not good at English.

I’m sorry if my English is hard to understand…

It is very good If you send the URL of my blog with the message.

Please tell myself things to the author. It’s very important. So one to feel very fear is…

I’ve written my own example before but this is a good one from someone who actually speaks Japanese ^^;
Remember that the decision is always 100% the artist’s for whether their art is reposted :)

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12 September 2014 ·

Anonymous said: How would I go about asking a pixiv artist if I could post their work in Japanese?


* Looking for pixiv permission messages in Chinese or Korean? See here!

*Got a reply from an artist and don’t know what it says/how to reply? Shoot me an ask or see if this reply guideline will help!

*Templates for asking about using art for icons, backgrounds, and headers are here!

*Additional templates can be found at chocoleeto, brumalbreeze and nemui-doshu.

Any other questions you have might be answered at the FAQ!

Thank you for the ask! I’m glad that others want to get into contact with the artists as well.

Ideally, you’d want to be very polite and use keigo language, but..uh…I’m not very comfortable with keigo. So I use very polite normal language, and they all seem fine with that.

This is going to be long, so:

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12 September 2014 ·



hey dont ignore this but dont reblog art from pixiv that was uploaded without permission because lately a lot of artists have become upset and even deleted their accounts or removed their art because of people posting it on various websites without their consent

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12 September 2014 ·

It’s been days since onepiece_60min posted a prompt, so I guess it’s safe to post these. I hope it’s just a hiccup in the system and the mods haven’t ended it. I know not a lot of peeps participated, but I have a lot of fun doing these and stops me from drawing the same 4 characters over and over, lol. So I want to thank them for their hard work and prompts I would never think of!

7 September 2014 ·

smoldering-admiral said: // I saw you liking my posts awhile back, and I haven't followed you back until now. ;w; Awesome art work! Keep up the good work, dear!

Thank you very much for the follow and welcome back! I unfollowed a while ago when I wasn’t sure if you were coming back, but I fixed that just now.^^ Please forgive me!

6 September 2014 ·

Happy birthday, Sir Crocodile!

5 September 2014 ·



So long story short, I lost a lot of money on two conventions where I could barely repay my expenses at all.
I am ready to sell these prints for the price of 7 USD each just as long as they sell. That’s like, the price of shipping+envelopes+printing. But I just want them gone.

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5 September 2014 ·

(Used Viz adaption)
HNNGH I know there’s already excellent panel comparisons but that quote from Doffy’s mouth gave me so many feelings!! I had to warm up with this doodle.

(Used Viz adaption)

HNNGH I know there’s already excellent panel comparisons but that quote from Doffy’s mouth gave me so many feelings!! I had to warm up with this doodle.

4 September 2014 ·

Anonymous said: Do you do commissions?

Yes I do! Unfortunately I have a tight schedule for the next 2 weeks so I can’t accept anything until I’m done.

I’ve been meaning to make a formal commission post, I’ll be sure to do that once I’m done with my project.

3 September 2014 ·

Anonymous said: Can you (if you have time of course) draw some more law and monet. You just capture them so so well it makes me cry ;-;

I’d love to, but I’m currently on a deadline hell for a few things. maybe I could when I’m done. ;v;

3 September 2014 ·

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